These are services we can provide with a current annual exam with our facility.

Important information for you to be able to relay about the breeding canine:

Progesterone (for Breeding): 15-minute tech appt

When did they go to into heat?/When do you expect them to go into heat?
When did they start seeing blood?

First progesterone should be done 5-7 days from first sight of blood

Have they had a brucellosis test since their last breeding? (Can be done with first progesterone)

Semen Collection: 30-minute tech appt, with or without bitch

Have they been previously collected?
Any previous issues with semen?
Is there a planned breeding within the next 14 days?
Does the patient have a current brucellosis test?

This is done between every breeding

TCI/AI: 45-minute tech appt

Have we performed a progesterone test to determine ovulation?

AI’s are performed on days 2 and 3 after ovulation
TCI’s are performed on days 3 and 4 from ovulation

What kind of semen are we using to breed? Fresh, chilled or frozen?

Fresh and chilled can be used for AI and TCI. Frozen is only used during TCI

TCI/AI with Semen Collection: 60-minute tech appt – see above questions for scheduling

Surgical AI- Consult with LVT or Doctor for scheduling- in almost all cases TCI is just as good or better than surgical AI.

Ultrasound for Pregnancy/Fetus Viability: 30-minute tech appt

How many days from breeding?

U/S can be performed at 28-30 days from breeding

Radiographs for puppy count: 15-minute tech appt

How many days from ovulation?

Radiographs can be performed at 58-60 days from ovulation

Progesterone (for C-section): 15-minute tech appt

When was their ovulation?

First progesterone should be done on day 60 from ovulation

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