These are services we can provide with a current annual exam with our facility.

Semen Collection: Digital stimulation of the male to collect semen. This is ideally performed in the presence of a female in estrous, but not required.

Fresh/Chilled Semen: Collected in house, or sent in iced packaging (never frozen). Handled and prepared by hospital staff for insemination. This semen can be stored (chilled) for 5 days. Fresh/Chilled semen can last in the bitch’s body for 5-7days.
Frozen Semen: Shipped to us. Handled and prepared by hospital staff for insemination. Frozen semen has a shorter lifespan after thawing so it will be used when the bitch is in her highest fertility stages. Frozen semen should be inseminated within 20minutes of being thawed. This semen will last 12-24 hours in the bitch’s body.

Artificial Insemination (AI): is an imitation of the natural act of mating. Instillation of semen removed from a male dog into the cranial vagina or uterus of the female.
Transcervical Insemination (TCI): Is a procedure in which a semi-flexible endoscope is placed into the vagina and the cervix is visualized using a camera. The cervix is catheterized and the semen placed directly into the uterus. There is no sedation used for this procedure unless needed. This is just as good or better in most cases for breeding.
Surgical Artificial Insemination (AI): This technique involves a general anesthetic and surgery with associated risks. An incision is made into the abdomen, the uterus is then identified and exteriorized. The semen is then injected directly into the uterine horns. Only to be offered when they have had 3 failed TCI attempts

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